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Katalin Schafer
has been dancing for more than 20 years now and she started her path with classical ballet from Endre Jeszenszky in his Hungarian Ballet Institute. 2000: She started to specialize herself on oriental dance. 2004: She became a member of the very successful company called „Art of Orient” (other members: Shaba, Amira, Mercedes Nieto). They won many awards world-wide. After this she is working hard to achieve more and more in oriental dance and as a designer: 2005: She won the 2nd place at Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo and the „Art of Orient” Group awarded the best group prize. 2006: She established the EFFENDI Arabic Folklore Theatre Company. 2007: They announced their first play called the „Golden Scarf” which is an Arabian folklore play which narrates the story of a classical Arabic wedding ceremony from the proposal of marriage to the ceremony itself, decorated by Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian, Saudi Arabian, Alexandrian and Nubian dances choreographed and tought by herself. 2009: She became the belly dance costume designer of the year. 2010: She founded her own costume label, SCH-Fashion which is becoming more and more famous world-wide. /www.schaferfashion.com/ and she have started to teach internationally also in different festivals. 2011: She is the Art Director and Organizer of Orient Dance Universe Festival & Competition (Turkey).
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