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Asi Haskal - Middle East

Asi is an oriental dancer with tireless temperament, a unique style and beautiful costumes. He is an owner of oriental dancing school in Israel, and a costumes designer for dancers from all over the world.
He flight often to Egypt where he meet his favorite dancers: Nagoa Foad, Fifi Abdo, Dina, Sohir zaki, Mona El Said and more.
Since he had based himself reputation of an exclusive and unusual artist he often performs in the media and news papers, in national and cultural events, festivals, fashion shows, TV productions and commercials.
Five years ago due to mass demand he opened the oriental dancing school where he teaches every day. Some of his student had become professional dancers themselves. His spirit and inspiration prevail in the studio and makes a remarkable atmosphere.
Every year hundreds of dancers come to his workshops at the International oriental dance festival around the world. Asi decomposes the music and explains the moves and the steps in order the dancers will be able to perform perfectly with his choreographies.

Asi Haskal official website:

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