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Elina Pechersky - Middle East
An artist in the field of Oriental Dance, Elina is considered both a pioneer and a revolutionary in this field. She is a dancer, choreographer, art manager of oriental dance productions, lecturer, professional teacher and certified movement and dance therapist (MA, Lesley University). In her B.A. degree studies, she studied, among other things: Middle-Eastern studies and Psychology. Her master's degree was dedicated to the study of "The Therapeutic Qualities of Oriental Dance." Elina has developed a unique holistic approach to teaching and healing through belly dance, which serves as a tool for women to create a bridge to their feminine awareness and being. Elina manages the School of Oriental Dance and the teacher's training course in the Teacher's Education School in Wingate College, and gives courses in her studio in Tel-Aviv and in culture and dance centers. Elina is considered a pioneer in bringing oriental dance to art venues. She has been performing for years together with an authentic ensemble of musicians, and has been representing Israel on stages and in festivals in Israel and abroad. She has created and produced shows which integrate traditional elements with personal interpretation. The shows were successful and received great reviews from audiences and in printed media. Elina is regularly invited to teach, perform and lecture on her system in Israel and abroad.
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