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Sanjana Muthreja - India
Sanjana Muthreja has been influenced by the middle eastern culture since the age of four and began belly dancing 8 years ago. Since, she has become the co-founder/director of Kohl belly dance Movement, the largest belly dance company in Mumbai. She has completed 5 years each of Kathak and Yoga and is also an avid Bollywood-style enthusiast. An ingrain sense of the arabic culture gives her an inherent urge to learn all she can about the form. She has been blessed with the skill and capability of teaching the art of bellydance to thousands of students, and touching the hearts of children, young girls and women alike by showing them the technique of learning to love oneself. She has conducted many workshops all around India, and has also taught fusion choreographies like Yoga-Belly and Bolly-Belly at international festivals like BDC (China) , LDB (Greece) and The Nile Festival ( Egypt). She has also been a part of the panel of judges at the BDC ( China) belly dance competition.
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