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Sadia Camile - U.S.A - Japan
Lebanese - American Oriental Dancer, Choreographer, and Master Teacher of Belly Queen Japan.   Sadia has won many awards for her dance and choreography during her career of 30 plus years including Miss America of the Belly Dance, and Belly Dancer of the Year 1986, Duet of the Year in 1991 and in 1993. She was also named Best Teacher for several years.  She has made videos in Hollywood with Dr. Samy Farag.  She has performed and taught workshops in New York, California, Lebanon, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, and many cities in Japan.    Sadia has been an innovator in Japan, always striving to bring dancers from various schools together in a spirit of friendship and cooperation.  She was the first to begin using live music for student performances and teaching live music workshops in Tokyo so that Japanese dancers could improve their knowledge of Arabic music.  She also started live music Friendship Haflas to encourage all schools to come together while giving an opportunity for dancers to perform to live music.  She has written and produced several mini-musicals for the enjoyment of Tokyo audiences including “Beirut Nights”, “Thieves at the Oasis”, and “ Zeina and the Naughty Genies”.   She has high standards of excellence for her students and brings that sense of uplifting the dance to whatever project or event she produces, whether it is performing for the Annual Arab Ambassadors’ Wives’ Charity Bazaar or a producing and choreographing Cairo Nights, which starred Sadie, Fahtiem, and Ma’Shuqa, and featured many of the best Tokyo dancers.  As an educator, Sadia stresses the importance of knowledge of and respect for the roots of the dance.   Sadia has her own style of Classic Oriental which leans toward Lebanese rather than Egyptian. She enjoys playing finger cymbals and has developed her own method for teaching them.  Her veil work is magical but natural.  When creating choreography  entrance pieces from modern or classic music, high-energy Lebanese pop songs, and well-crafted drum solos are her favorites.  Sadia is well-known for her musicality, spontaneity, and dynamic stage presentation.  She has been given the nicknames “Samia Gamal of the West” and "The Queen of the Desert" by her adoring Arab fans.  
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