About Us

Mediterranean Delight Festival, August 12th - 17th, 2020


“Mediterranean Delight Festival” is an international belly dance festival, which take place once a year

in a different location around the Mediterranean sea. 


The goal of the festival: 


I believe that each woman needs a timeout for herself, for her strengths and values,

alone and with other friends who share the same love.

For you, I have created an unforgettable adventure of intense sensory celebration

So take  a beneficial time for yourself, do what ever your mind and spirit desires:

Laugh, love, be foolish, sing, dance... till you enlightness the spaciality & uniqueness inside you!


We, at the “Mediterranean Delight Festival” promise you a once in a life time experience you will never forget!


The Organizer:

Simona Guzman is an experienced Belly Dance performer and teacher.

Simona is no stranger to the spotlights ever since her 11 years career as a world class professional Fashion Model 

featuring on magazine covers and fashion shows such as in Dusseldorf, Paris and many more.


Simona started to organize "Belly Dance Festivals" out of  her love for the art form of Oriental Dance and her love for women all around the world.

Her desire is to widen awareness for the fine tradition of the oriental culture and the different styles around the world,

Through the years she noticed the importance of woman needs to have a private time tfor herself, where she can feels the freedom to do whatever she wants.


She organized and produced the first Belly Dance Festival in Istanbul, Turkey, "Turkish Delight"  that took place on April-May, 2010. 



Simona decided to continue organizing Belly Dance Festivals as a tradition, this time under the name “Mediterranean Delight Festival”. 

She set herself a goal to combine an oriental dance with a unique and authentic vacation and  expose you to new oriental styles and exciting destinations.



Simona produced her first festival ias the Mediterranean Delight Festival n Marrakech, Morocco, on June 2011 and since than few times in Loutraki-Greece, Istanbul-Turkey, Prague-Czech Republic, Tbilisi-Georgia.


As a belly dancer, Simona is aware of the wills and needs of her colleagues. Her perfectionism and attention to details are these who make every event an unforgettable experience and pleasure.


Share this amazing experience with your friends and invite them to take part to this one of a kind event.

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