Sumiko Matsui - Japan

Sumiko Matsui - Japanese Performer PROFESSIONAL PROFILE "Dance Nefertar" Artist name: Nefertari Sumiko Nefertari: Name from an Egyptian Queen. Belly dance Artist Color psychologist This magnificent professional belly dancer represents the essence of her art and Sumiko Matsui has accomplished such a goal through global recognition in Belly dancing on the international platform. Born on October 6th, this Libra is O positive with a great positive outlook on the arts, performances, and cross-cultural communication in many multi-cultural settings. * Achievements Chronology, Important Dates, past events * A Licensed Dance Instructor * Dance classes opened 2003 in Japan * Sumiko Matsui received Special Award from The Imperial Palace, Japan, last autumn. The award of HIGASHIKUNI NO MIYA BUNKA HOUSYOU. This award is bestowed upon only a few wonderful Artists and scientists in Japan, and represents their dedication to their practice. * YASUKUNI JINJYA-She performs at this festival on New Year's Day and three times a year. JINJYA is very famous in Japan. * Performed in BUSHIDO SEKAI TAIKAI in Europe, near Vienna, Chezch Trebon. * Arranged Japanese Oiran Geisya style Belly dance show, and won great prizes. * will performance in SHANGHAI WORLD BIG FESTIVAL in July 2010, 20th June 2010 at other locations * Pala Casino Hotel and Resort Spa Cabaret Show in Sandiego * Algentina, France, England, Africa, Jamaica, World tours. * Organizing a charity program show in Egypt and Africa. It'll be supported by big names in the world. * Learned Egyptian dance in Egypt and learned Moroccan dance in Morocco and also danced in New York. * Moroccan traditional dancing license from Moroccan famous Star ICHA TACHINOITE. The only one of such certifications and only one in Japan.

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